About us - Hofmann Consult

About us - Hofmann Consult


Hofmann Consult

1992 - Foundation of the company Hofmann Consult in Cologne, as a consultant company for German businesses in the machanical engineering industry on the Bulgarian market. Mrs. Dipl.-Ing. Diana Hofmann leads the company´s fortunes.

1993 – Establishment of the trade agency in Sofia / Bulgaria

1993 / 2002 – Organization of the production of numerous German companies in Bulgaria takeover of the first representations of well-known world-market / world-leading manufacturers from the foundry, tool and mold making, mechanical engineering, and other sectors.

2002 – Foundation of the company Hofmann Consult Bulgaria GmbH in Sofia / Bulgaria

2003 – After more than a year of construction work the 800 m² large company building was inaugurated in April 2003 in one of the most modern industrial areas of Sofia.
With this investment, we are the first time able to offer cost-intensive services. In addition to a highly specialized workshop, the company building includes appropriate exhibition and storage space for the diversified product range.
This new investment consolidates the leading market position of Hofmann Consult and establishes it as a system supplier with most modern technology and optimized sales organization.

2005 –Foundingofthecompany Hofmann Consult GmbH in Cologne/Germany.

2005/2015 –Extentionoftheproductrangeandthecustomerbase.

2015/2017 -  Investment in a highly modern technologycenterfortheproduction, re-sharpeningand PVD coatingof HM and HSS tools.
The 5-axis toolgrindingmachinesofthecompany Schütte, togetherwiththebestequippedmeasuringlaboratory, additional PVD coatingwith OERLIKON technologyanderosiontechnologyfrom MITSUBISHI Electrics, aswellastheexperiencedandmotivatedstaffguaranteethehighestqualityofproduction.

ISO 9001 certification.

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